Old Guestbook entries.

Due to my guestbook starting to delete the older entries by itself, I have decided to place all the entries I still have in here for all (and me) to read and so empty my guestbook ready for all the new entries :o)

Dan Silvester 25/Feb/2001:20:08:29
Hi. Excellent site. 'Nuff said. What's your cats name?

mdma 25/Feb/2001:13:23:32
i should realy log into your page once a day to remind me there is
actualy at least 1 good looking woman in uk1

barry 25/Feb/2001:01:37:01
Hi Tinkerbell,id just like to say i would love to see you dance around
my bedroom in your knickers.You are a very sexy looking girl.But i
suppose you know that already.I hope we can chat sometime soon.bye for
now.[sting2001gy.][ baz ].

Zion Yadda yadda yadda 24/Feb/2001:21:03:53
What happened to Caffiene Kill? Is it Caffeine? Ack. Now I shall begin emotional meltdown. Forgot to
mention, site looking wonderful as always - specially with added html
files. Most splediferous. Bling bling. xxxx

Andy Pandy Poohs!!! Death By Illusion - The alternative way to die!!! 24/Feb/2001:07:21:45
Hey ya,

Just came back to have a look, and noticed it was updated so over
stayed my welcome. Hope all is well and will doubtlessly speak to you
soon. Take care and luv ya heaps.

Lil Brother

Michael Muir-Browne na 23/Feb/2001:21:34:48
Hi Tinks,

You are beautiful - if you ever want your portrait taking get in touch!



leanne 21/Feb/2001:14:41:32
hey claire web page is great thanks doll going to oz tonite babes take
care. Showed a few people your page they were well impressed

take care


TOM 20/Feb/2001:19:32:01






smudger1998 Smudger from Kent 19/Feb/2001:18:52:04
Ok, I was just bored in a room full of people not talking and saw U put
your URL there. 'Probably just another pervy site' I thought. I was
wrong, the fact is i saw this strange young lady's site with loads and
loads of typing, like I do, just waffleing along, but not boring. It
makes a good site with good pics and animations too. So after all that
hard graft I decided to sign the guestbook, as it is just reward for
the insite she gave me into her pecious and interesting life that she
leads. Maybe, just maybe she will see this long comment and return the
favour. thank U

GARY 18/Feb/2001:20:47:27
this is one of the best sites i have seen for ages please feel free to
email me..
ô¿ô bye Gary

Shaz The Hunting Grounds 15/Feb/2001:11:15:05
Ello U

Can not wait until ya get ya ass to Hull to see me again :P - Just
doing me usual bored at work run :) - so erm - hope ya doing great -
oooooo did u get me valentines cards that I sent you - cos you are my
biatch - you know that dont you :P - anyway - keep the page up and I
shall catch ya online tonight and will see ya tomorrow I do believe it
is :)

Love Shaz :X :X :X :X :X

amanda 15/Feb/2001:09:50:39

yo claire

I was really bored at work so I thought I would check out your web page
and sign your book. Did you have any Valentine Card????. How your
doing. Speak to you soon

harder_one 14/Feb/2001:21:49:16
nice page hope to call again :-)

Psycho 14/Feb/2001:19:26:40
Not a bad site. keep it up and i may even offer u a job...lol

Later babe :ox

rover_n_out erm 13/Feb/2001:21:31:08
Nice Page, Ur Gorge

Robbie!! 13/Feb/2001:20:08:15
a gothic fairy hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... nice page tho contact me and i'll
send ya some pics bye for now

keep guessin 13/Feb/2001:18:23:09
nice stit tinks, spent way to long nosin abaht! sorry bout the horse.

lacroix Lacroixs Crypt 12/Feb/2001:23:07:12
Always good to see your site, just wish i could be as dedicated as you

MediaGirl 12/Feb/2001:23:04:44
Tink, sexy homepage, just like your good self. We'll have to have a
glass of vino in the dark depths of UK:1.
Big Kisses.

muppet_michelle_33_9 12/Feb/2001:19:16:07

catsie_6 12/Feb/2001:18:50:56
Well tinks I hardly dare say that this page is no less than I expected.
Wow! girl a great page, I just love what you've done :o)
I love your humour too......keep up the good work amusing us all in UK1

Kel Ford RST 11/Feb/2001:21:45:27
Like the site, you're a great looking girl. Kel AKA uksingle??m

Robbie 11/Feb/2001:14:16:16
You are a very attractive girl but you dont say a lot.Maybe its coz
youre a babe an all.You have very sexy eyes which I could gaze through
all night,love that tongue too.Laterz and best wishes.
x x x x x x x x x x

Dan (AKA Stand_and_d 10/Feb/2001:11:45:35
Yeah Tinks nice site,

You got far too many peeps signing, what a popular fairy you are :-)

Wouldn't mind meeting one day and casting a sexual spell or two on you.
Who likes adam and the ants these days?

C ya around :-)


Talldarkandfinemale 10/Feb/2001:11:32:58
Tinker is a frened ev.one should have atleast one of


Chebbs Chebbs Central 10/Feb/2001:11:16:44
wow...have been scrolling down for about and hour to see if i'd already
signed the damn fing :D
anyways glad its back tinks, dont fink i could have lived without my
daily visit to never never land :)
u know, one day i WILL finish me site....then again..mebbyes not :p

gaz 08/Feb/2001:20:38:46
I love ya site and you. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Andy Pandy Poohs 07/Feb/2001:18:29:59
Welcome back babes. It's all working!!! Huge Hugs Sis.

badl_ydrawnboy 04/Feb/2001:09:47:55
hey tink weve never actually spoke i dont think but you were throwing
up yer site address an i thought i'd ha a look laters

worcesterparkman 03/Feb/2001:20:15:35
Hey Claire!

I just thought I would let you know that you have a lot to thank me for.

I will explain......

Remember that recent survey to vote for the sexiest gal in uk:1?

Well - I voted for you at least 60 times! ;)


Zxr Zxr's thingy, Its Kack anyway! 03/Feb/2001:20:03:02
Hiya Sexy,
Great page, Piccies 'n' stuff :oÞ Damn i ran outta Cadbury's
mini Eggs! :o\ Anyway what ya doing Saturday night :oÞ I like ya lil'
Java thingies too :o)

Shaz The Hunting Grounds 02/Feb/2001:20:43:11
Ello Claire

I loved meeting ya again as usual - and as usual I can not wait to meet
ya again :) As always I love ya webbie and thought I would sign ya
guestbook again :)

Catch ya later and love ya loads

Shaz :X :X :X :X :X :X

Little Brother FX's Webbie 02/Feb/2001:16:05:44
Hey ya sweetie, Just to let you know I'm still alive, just and I'm
thinking of ya, Hope all is well Speak soon xxxxx

Jim 01/Feb/2001:19:27:41
Love the homepage, it looks like some thought has gone into it....I'll
be back for another peek soon

Leia (twix) 29/Jan/2001:21:40:53
Hallo! very funky web page dear! now i know who andy is always talking
about! take care, luv leia.x.

Spider Tony's web site 21/Jan/2001:20:35:26
Crazy Lady !.....Fantastic site !!!

rondo_uk2000 21/Jan/2001:15:18:17
excelent site hope we get to chat sometime.cheers.

bluejeanbandit 21/Jan/2001:12:36:49
Great page.... Beautiful intelligent lady with talent to match !!!

David Is still not ready... 21/Jan/2001:12:21:28
Mmmm I'm just wondering where you get your insparaiton from?

Tinker Taylor 21/Jan/2001:10:29:48
Good page so far, Need more pics of you there though. Ignore me im only
a wierdo

del davis 20/Jan/2001:19:28:02
every time i look at this site, im amazed.
someone has waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much free time on there hands, or does
not know the meaning of a good nights sleep. he he KIDDING.
The page os wonderful, but i think it needs a section for pics of
friends who you will never meet in real ife . .sniff sniff.
like me.

what do ya think girl?



tiger 20/Jan/2001:12:22:40
great pics in briefcase you have got great hair and amazing eyes and
you take a good pic

Cataleptic State 17/Jan/2001:21:47:51
I don't believe it!!!! Jolly good Site old gal!!!!

tania(demonlady) 17/Jan/2001:18:59:01
ok show off its better than mine i know,hehe very good tinks ive added
it to me favs now gonna have another peek soon see ya love me xxxxx

tony b 14/Jan/2001:15:59:38
I am really impressed by your webpage, and you sound like a really good
fairy (or bad if you prefer)I to like to dance around the bedroom in my
boxer shorts to all the hits of the eighties, especially JAPAN so there
you go your not the only weirdo

Kat 13/Jan/2001:18:34:14
Hullo Tinks :-D

Juss one ickle question, where's me name on yer page?? Not that I'm
fussy or anything hehe.

But tis a loverly site, is keeping me well amused as its bout 5:30am
Sunday here, and I'm not even pished! Oh the shame!! hehe.

Keep up good work, site is Fab

Kat :-D

Mrranda me 09/Jan/2001:19:09:21
Nice webpage, i really am impressed... keep it up envious looks
from me !! Mizzi x

Mark_Twang 08/Jan/2001:18:17:22
Very nice webpage; I'm impressed!

gs_uk2000 07/Jan/2001:19:28:15
nice webby not known to all in uk1 but soon will be :P

Jon_tw1 07/Jan/2001:16:41:15
Blimey! What a Huge Guest Book!!!

Great site Tinks!

co_co_uk 06/Jan/2001:10:28:09
ive signed your guest book. Does this mean were now engaged.

Dave Missing link 05/Jan/2001:18:20:17
nice page, very mysterious, I feel like I'm floating.

Erm depends...I was Andy's Web Site 02/Jan/2001:18:57:48
OMG it rocks and I love fairies. Especially when girlies dress up as
Fairies!!!! Hates kids who don't believe takes away the romance in
life. Anyways I love the site babes, Takes care speak to you soon. Mua

MTV_makes_me........ flash anims of uk2 and various assorted peeps 30/Dec/2000:19:18:34
nice site here tinks(original comment from mtv as per usual)i hope
disney dont slam u for royalties each time u add a tinkerbell graphic,
cause it could get expensive,bleeding yanks always wanna go and do
battle in court in an attempt to win vast amounts of money from normal
honest decent peeps....anyways enough ramblings, keep updating :)

Veloce75 27/Dec/2000:19:04:33
Great site Tinks. I'll be making myself a new webby as soon as I get
my pics organised.
See you in UK1.

Rainy 27/Dec/2000:04:32:13
Hiya Tinks,

I was up late surfing for stoof (no,not porn!)and I found ya site and
realised I hadn't signed it !!!!!!! :o !! So now I have hooray.
Good site mate, norty pic of tinkerbell though, no wonder Peter Pan
liked her so much, I shall never watch the film or read the book in the
same way again :|
You're a top girlie and a reaaaally good laff, if I don't see you on
chat for a bit I'll always be on pager, and I'll come back here again
to have a peek @ the updates

take care,
love ya,
Rainy xx

Jim perry 25/Dec/2000:20:00:55
very cool homepage miss...im fairly new to the net so setting up home
page with your layout babe is something im gonna look into!...have fun
xmas girl.......by the way im a young 24 year old guy who likes nothing
but fun fun and more fun...hehehe have fun new year miss!!!!! cya Jim

ThePureGenius 24/Dec/2000:03:40:48
love the web-page......
...best I've seen this millennium
excellent effects
got the link from Shaz's web-page...yet another great effort

sarah_r_29 24/Dec/2000:00:40:29
Love the site Tinks, will get me brain together to do one eventually.

cya in chat


TheLoveableRogue 23/Dec/2000:10:22:03
Great page tink.
Really liked the effects on the photos.



GADSYA S.A.Y wench on line....... 22/Dec/2000:19:40:14
hai , claire i do love your web i must say keep up the good work sista
you are very lovely !!! well, i'm crazy about tinkerbell too anyway so,
there you go girl.....

Zion 22/Dec/2000:19:11:27
Wonderful page. Will be back often and more.

Me 16/Dec/2000:20:44:49
Hey, I just popped in to take a look at your site. I cracked up when I
saw your new "tounge pic"...that's funny. Webcams RULE!
I like the colors on your site too!

Mishes 16/Dec/2000:13:35:55
YAY! I love your site, it's so cosy and delicious.
Esssssspecially the sexy 80s blokes bit :D
In fact, I'm listening to Spandau Ballet right now, and I'm thinking you
ought to do a humungous ginormous rather very big 80s music site. After
all, I know you want to.

I knowwww thisss much is truuu-uuuuuuue...

Heee, YAY!! snuggles n stuff xoxox

arm 16/Dec/2000:10:04:52
You have a very nice page here tinks! I like it a lot. by the way...you
are lovely!

tissue 15/Dec/2000:23:51:35
cor if only there were more fairies the world would be a happier place

craig 10/Dec/2000:20:29:51
wicked site

really like this tinkerbell stuff
keep it up ill pass this site on

luv craig

Toppy top top 07/Dec/2000:23:10:02
Hey Claire,

I so lurve this web site of yours, just where did you find that super-
model holding Chainsaw like that???

Excellent work, keep it my darling


morddred 07/Dec/2000:22:54:40
I like your web site and i do believe in faries i met slasher :)

Perrie-Michelle Foyl Zimba's Home Page 02/Dec/2000:16:22:08
um.....never know what to say. Wish my page looked like this. Well not
like this cos then it wouldnt be my page would it?

I wanna know how you get the pics to move

Lotsa love


Shaz The Hunting Grounds 02/Dec/2000:13:13:55
Ello My Darlin Dirty Fairy :P

Anyway just doing my usual - aving a look at peeps webbies. I am at
Fungi and Jooseys at mo. Going ice skating in a mo :D. Anyway - Claire
tell me when you update next :D


kellys63linedancer 30/Nov/2000:19:33:34
Just wanna say....you really are as mad as you seem to be.....lol

artycow weird art and me 28/Nov/2000:23:45:44
bugger it,er not going to go on about how great yer page is cos you've
had enough ego boosting by the look of your guestbook(but i agree)just
wanted to say ehem ehem wheres me link?no worries can tell yer a busy
fairy and that cave must make yer fingers mighty cold for typin and
that ay.anyhooooooooo nice one missus
artycoooooooow xx

grant 26/Nov/2000:23:17:35
what a cool site .....and your beautiful/dangerously so, bye.

Matt aka SS_Rat The Rats Nest 25/Nov/2000:14:42:21
Hiya Tink..

GRROOOVVYY page you got yerself there. Mines a bit, well a LOT poo by
comparison lol, thinks I should dust off Dreamweaver and spruce it up a

Take Care

Luv n stuff

M x

babyrosebunny 25/Nov/2000:11:40:23
this is really great i wish i could do one

Wabbit Esq 24/Nov/2000:22:32:28
hiya sweetie, hello ehllo llohe, hello, going
now................................................im still
here.............................going for good
now.......................................................(hee hee,
still here)........................right.............im really realy
...........ive gone, from Wabbit.

Slink the site that slink built 24/Nov/2000:17:45:31
Tinx.. baby..

Have lived in this site for a couple of weeks now, and am greatly
enjoying it... I think I might have qualified for squatters rights now..

Looking forward to being wrapped up and taken home.

Gotta go.. got a car to clean!! (you know the score... yours next!)

Love ya babe.


Chelles a weird ickle page 24/Nov/2000:10:50:38
ooooooo i spyed my name at the front and it has a link to my page aww
wow tinker your da best!! xxx big kissy!
your page is getting there an the thing on your piccie the dancing
flea.,. thats a nice touch. ello everyone i know!! *points at all the
people who have singed this* ooo i am writing an essay.. somebody should
stop me!!! well buh bye for now!!!
mwah mwah mwah

Burkinstok. The Kend 24/Nov/2000:00:20:20
Hi Claire, I just wanted to say hi. And let you know, between me and
you, that Tinkerbell has nothing over you. Although i have seen em, the
reason it is so hard to believe that fairies exist is because they have
a rare beauty which no man hath seen. But you prove that fairie's do
exist. You can sprinkle your dust on this Kender anytime.

Gini GINIMEOW 22/Nov/2000:23:03:15
Hiya sweety

Really looking forward to seeing you for my birthday week :)

Take care hunny

Gini xxx

Squidgy Girl Squidgykingdom 19/Nov/2000:23:52:27
Hiya sister Claire, me well impressed wiv webpage, me just started mine
with help from mega. I got long way to go, who da black kat?? Hope u is
kool babe and chat real soonies ok. Luv Sandy xxx

Larff 19/Nov/2000:12:14:04
Dammit Tinks, them blummin puddles are wayyyyyyyyy too addictive :)
Still.......i dragged meself away and had a wee nose around...And i
must say...theres' lots of stuff here, and it's all rather good. I like
the link to my page.......fascinating. Well i've got to go..i dont
really but i cannae fink of anything else to write, so i'm just gonna
fill this up with pointless drivel for another five minutes, if that's
O.K. with you that is, if not you can probbly edit this out at a later
date..um...ok that's enough for now..Be good...love larff

Ashley, Burgess 19/Nov/2000:05:09:26
G'day Tinkerbell(Claire),
Just popped by your site, was actually playing with ICQ and ended up
here. Great site, although a lack of enthusiasm from the owner. I
have to say that I was glad to have visited a site that was enjoyable
and shows of the lighter side of life, I have even downloaded some of
the sounds cause hey, basically they suit me to a Tee.
Keep it all up, hope to be able to chat to you soon...


Leeds_is_no1 18/Nov/2000:19:56:06
Hi tinks its a great site (keep meaning to do 1 myself but i dont know
the 1st thing about it so i got no chance!),i'm very impressed with the
site (and you as well,of course ;-) LOL ),no doubt we'll speak soon in
chat,take care and have fun !!!!!

mike9675 15/Nov/2000:22:27:58
Claire Watts has created herewith, a vision of splendour and majesty,
in electronic form, lightening our very existences with a magical web
page (now where's my tenner?) Nice one, Michael B (Mike9675)

cake umm dont bother its crap 13/Nov/2000:19:12:01
did you steal my feet?

Shaz The Hunting Grounds 13/Nov/2000:02:00:10
Hiya Claire

Second try - acciently hit the enter key and could not sign it properly
b4 - lol@tired me.

Anyhow doing me usual - signing peeps guestbooks for summit to do.
Anyway, ya webbie is class as usual, keep up the brilliant work. Like
the TinkVision and Snotchat - wonder where that come from - well
Slinkey_Merlinkey and Bradlishs page(high school mate) someday I will
come up with summit orignal for me to put on my page and then to put on
yours PMP.

This message is getting a bit long so I will say bye bye bye

Love Ya Tinks :x :x :X

Haze Coda 10/Nov/2000:18:56:57
Hi Claire,

I loved your sire and piccy. You can check out my yahoo profile if you
like at brendan_haze and tell me what you think. Take care and dont
take any hassle off anyone.
Haze x

Colin 08/Nov/2000:22:21:41
Well I found this site by mistake but had a look around and thought it
was quite good so signed the guestbook. I hope you gave credit for the
Java applet that are over the photo's. that or your dead clever. I
guest you are a chat room sort of a girl form the site. You can check
out my site if like but it's not as good as yours but written by hand
in HTML. Anyway great site enjoyed the visit!


midnite_wolf 04/Nov/2000:18:04:54
Hi there Tink just having a snout got here from spooks page nice site
you have well not much to say cept keep up the good work he he,maybe
we'll chat sometime soon.
take care

Nimmy™ I LUBBAH EWE :X 31/Oct/2000:16:19:58
Howdy NEIGHboor!!
I thought I would sign ya book agen seeings as I was being nosey at ya
site. I like them pics of fungi and jooseys house warming :) think
I'll steal a few and save em for when I update me webby.
Anyways see ya soooooon!

Your very own Kiddy. I love Tinks...she's a class babe 30/Oct/2000:00:21:27
Alright darling? Listen, I might be able to squeeze you in, there's
about 60 odd birds in front, but I could probably fit you in sometime
next month.

Keep smiling, keep tinkering, be happy and God bless!

Yours in Kiddiness...

xXx Simon xXx

just little old me 25/Oct/2000:19:12:05
nice site, took ages to download tho but that is prob my computer.

if you ever get bored living in you cave give me a shout.

war again 24/Oct/2000:22:00:18
after a total ripping from tinks for the rather shortish message i
signed with last time i have decided to resign the guest book......i
must admit it is a very impressive site....even me mate thinks
so!!!....now all i need to do is get you to teach me to make one like

hairyariesuk 24/Oct/2000:20:56:56
tinkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssss nice page babe

lacroix_forverknight Lacroix NightCrawler 23/Oct/2000:20:29:01
Cool site tinks well done

Chebbs 23/Oct/2000:19:46:35
a) cry @ my lack of mention
b) fill up your message board
(cool site tinkky winkky)
Chebbs / Cheborah / Mackem scum (if your shaz)
:x :p

Victoria (a.k.a...R 21/Oct/2000:17:40:59
Hello Tinkers

It's a lovely homepage...:oX

I'm kicking Nathan out, so you can come and live with me in lesbian
bliss...(winks)...but only if we get to wear each others bra's...;oP



KAT photokat 16/Oct/2000:22:37:44




loz the land of the scots 10/Oct/2000:23:11:09
hi clair,love the photos,wish i could do all those things you done to
your homepage....its GREATTTT.....talk to you real soon....take care
till we meet again..loz

Emma 04/Oct/2000:22:42:09
Tinks - its lovely just like you - I will get to meet everyone one day -
ive had enough chances - well ive met chopper - thats enough for me LOL
xxx (j/k).

I am going to try and make the London meet cos I do live in essex and
there is no excuse for me not to come. Anyone know any details gimme a
yell in chat.

Love ya


i know 02/Oct/2000:21:42:27
well stop you nagging me !!!

tinkerbells_dark_sid 02/Oct/2000:15:14:05
Hiya Tinks
Nice to meet you after 2 years of not knowing the other existed. Take
care of yourself hon.
Jackie xxxxxxxxxx

Sassy Sassy's home page 02/Oct/2000:15:01:40
Lurvvvvvve your site tinks hun! Have to get dreamweaver sorted when i
get time, so mine will be less shite.

Giggles@pics from hull and blackpool, dont remember being there are you
sure those pics are of me??? naa must have been an imposter i was at
fast's house helping her with her knitting all weekend :)

see you in november!!!!! snogss Sassy xxxxx

Jonathan 30/Sep/2000:16:06:44
A fantastic site, by someone with a great sense of humour, which alas
is a dying breed these days

Have fun

Darren Rennison 29/Sep/2000:15:27:35
Peekee boo Tinks

Get that horsey better

I would like to meet u if I ever get back to Zummerzet again

(Spot1975, Mandys_Toyboy, etc)

The Dice

mylilpony22 28/Sep/2000:20:35:17

You are a genius...............very good site and such planning!
Pictures are great...you guys seem to always bring the house down.!!!

Knottyashsno1 MY HOME PAGE 28/Sep/2000:20:28:56

paul aka dont forget 28/Sep/2000:13:19:33
Great page, great pics, errrrrr.....basically your great.

Are you married?

How do you like your bacon on a morning?? LOL



Woverine 1999 27/Sep/2000:23:39:12
Great page!!!

Nice seeing what people look like.

Gonna have to start builing my page me thinks!!

Wov.. X

lord 27/Sep/2000:20:26:14
you've gone and fucked it up.

too much shite i liked it better last time.

you were good now your BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD....lol

posh 27/Sep/2000:19:32:04
damn good pics an stuff sweety luv yaaaaaaaaaaaaa

(_|_) 16/Sep/2000:19:17:41
have i signed this b4????? can't remember...

ken 16/Sep/2000:09:32:21
found your site through Yahoo chat, good looking page, good looking
lass.... nuff said!

a40/D0NTS/etc 07/Sep/2000:13:52:24
real nice site.......been pinchin' wav's

billy_majors_uk 06/Sep/2000:23:04:27
hi tinkerbell, how u doin just stumbled across your web site and viewed
it with interest, i do hope you are managing to keep that horrible
captain hook at bay , he always scared me as a kiddy.
i couldnt leave with out signing your guest book, see ya billy!!!!

Michael Simpson 06/Sep/2000:22:38:57
Hi Claire (tinkerbell)

Just looked @ profile and saw you hade a website so i peeked in and i
have to Concratulate you on a nice and impressive site.
I am also a fan of 80's music I have the original copy or Prince
Charming By Adam -&- the Ants on LP rare occurance.

If you ever wanna chat my yahoo ID is mitch37m so just PM me

Speak to you soon maybe.

techno_billy nothing ness 06/Sep/2000:22:00:27
beb im off to watch big brother soz i couoldent stay for a longt chat

Mark Mintram-Clarke 05/Sep/2000:14:43:47
Hi Claire

Great web site, I shall look forward to digging further and discovering
the deeper...darker....you.

Love Mark xxxxxx

mummy 01/Sep/2000:15:33:24
read lots of comments but didn't understand many ( do you believe that

MANU the loud nutter 27/Aug/2000:14:52:35
well hello my lil hunny blump!!!
waaahheeeyyy im in ur guestbook woohhooo.
Well err i hope i dont have to fill this big box up cause ill babble on
just like what im doing now.
Sooooo weldone very nice congratulations bravo clap clap at the
fabbloodytastic web page!!!
And because ive given u way over the number of compliments i usally
give to other peeps maybe one day hopefully ull cast a spell on me and
to get me to a 32DD? just keeps it as an option :op
well im now going to go back and see what ive missed in rm1
(and n e one here who i dont know 1st the name has nuffin to do with
the football team and 2nd im female!! phew that got a load of my
shit ive written to much!

chop 27/Aug/2000:13:38:25
i spared a few moments of my oh so precious doing fuck all on a sunday
time.....A damn fine lookign site and a nice set of pics also ;).
Catch you laters......i suppose i better go get cheeta so i can see
that ava more often.


Paul 26/Aug/2000:20:59:48
Nice site

Spike 26/Aug/2000:13:48:03
good ripples......and give Boots a BIG stroke from me - he looks
LOVELY !!!!!

doss 22/Aug/2000:02:19:24
Cool site tink.

Best on yet

stand aka Dan 20/Aug/2000:12:37:55
Howdy tinks, the site is cool, your liking of adam and his ants is
cooler and u are a good looking babe.

Oh and Hi to all the other chat freaks reading this, talk to u soon :-)

over and out....

fast 19/Aug/2000:22:05:19
Tinks !!!!! its great lol Lucy and Alice (my daughters) loved the fairy
stuff xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Quad (Da Flirt®) 16/Aug/2000:20:24:11
Hey Tinka,
Great site luv! I love the GIFs and there's some really funny links.
Seein as this is the come up to the big meet in Bleakpool, I can't wait
to meet ya, I'm sure it'll be an absolute blast. Keep up the good work
on the site and I'll keep coming back, and leave some more non-sensical
bable ere.
Luv Quad/Dani

KNIGHT_ON_A_HORSIE Jay's place 16/Aug/2000:20:11:03
Wow this is a great web site i hope i can get mine looking this good :)
one day i might make it to your friends like LOL, i got to say it but
seeing you piccy you are WOW :) well cute c ya in chat XxXxX

Atom_Bunny Atom_Bunny's Webpage 15/Aug/2000:23:11:52
Yo tinks, cool page...
Thanks for the link to mine.. I linked to yours too now :)
and now I signed the book :P
Cya, ATOM :X :X

talldarkandfinemale 13/Aug/2000:15:01:56
What can I say "Smart, intelegent and a god damm BABE!!!!" oh she loves

war 09/Aug/2000:22:27:18

Tracy 09/Aug/2000:18:49:53
Nice page--I'm a disney fan myself!!! If I'm ever in England--I hope
to meetcha!! Keep smiling!!!!!!!!

lordie 02/Aug/2000:20:51:44
not bad tinks...not bad at all.

Clever as always well done.




Loosey :) 01/Aug/2000:21:30:48
Top page Tinks,

Hope the horsey gets better soon, take care you are a doll gurl :)

Loose and Fungi (whose leaning over my shoulder ) ;)

Slasher(the tart) or 29/Jul/2000:18:07:07
Second signing now but you were doing sucjh a good job i thought id
giuve a bit of encouragment come on tinx keep up the good work POWER TO

paul 28/Jul/2000:01:30:23
i just wanted a picture,. but at least i signed it

Shaz Hunting Grounds 27/Jul/2000:22:15:31
Oi Oi you dirty lil fairy you, yee knaa what the hell i am on about.
lol. Anyway - I just wanna say I love ya page and i am always visiting
it to see what you have done to the place. I must say I do love what you
have done with it. When i first was here the carpet did not match ya
sofa - but now it looks brilliant - keep up the good work!!!!

Love Shaz and her Snot

merlin 23/Jul/2000:10:54:08
I didn't get a mention - booh hooh!

flat_wabbit 22/Jul/2000:21:11:24
hiya hunnies, only me again, all i have to say is........ZZZZzzzzt,
arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..............pm me to find out more,

Waves Paw goodbyeeeee for now.:x

nocturnal2 22/Jul/2000:15:44:42
nice site tinkers. very well laid out :)

she_sells_sea_chelle 09/Jul/2000:18:16:37
AGHR! you left me out of the names on the front! *sob* ahh well it is a
very good page, so keep up the good work, and add me to the front or i
will say the phrase all you fairies hate to hear.. i dont believe
in....mwa ha ha ---- evil laugh!
see yas!

Lightnin_75 Lightnins home page 08/Jul/2000:16:41:15
Tis the wonderful magic of a fairy which may well come from the darker
side. Keep up the good work Tinks!!

shazzie 01/Jul/2000:15:22:23
wonders why she aint been 'cluded in tinks friend list am i too big to
be a fairy then???????

bull and astro 01/Jul/2000:14:43:38
nice page tink but why the hell have you neglected to include us in
your hellos? do we smell of poo or somethin?

phil cakeordeathman 27/Jun/2000:22:07:08
oooh its finally working, anyway yahoo is up shit creek so i thought i
would have a look at this site, and sign your guestbook.
Anyway just saying hi, nice site :-) and erm add more eddie izzard
stuff, and find me a cakeordeath wav :-)

steve 25/Jun/2000:14:42:19
just saying hello great home page and you are gorgeous.

megastiff 20/Jun/2000:15:27:11
hey i learned how to spell hamsters !!! it hasnt got a p in
it.......wooo hoooh :o) xxxxxxxxxxxx

Ian 18/Jun/2000:20:58:37
Hi Sexy..well thought i better come annd sign this here book......can't
have ya punishing me......looking good babes....Hugs n stuff..Ian

toe_knee_heart 17/Jun/2000:09:18:48
your a diamond, and dont even look half goth, lol, just kiddin, your a
lavly gal, speak to you soon!!

Kerry (Tinky_Winkys_ 13/Jun/2000:21:15:29

Hiya Tinker =0)

Well done on a wicked web page. And don't forget to dose those hamsters
up on red bull every once in a while.....Gotta keep 'em moving!!

Keep waving that wand and granting those wishes. And by the way I
believe in fairies (Does this mean I have resurrected a fairy killed by
a non believer?? Hope so!!!!)

See ya around

Tinky =0)

Gary 09/Jun/2000:22:20:13
Oops, I think I made a cod of it the first time.

Anyway, as I was saying this page is nearly as wonderful as it's
author. One of the nicest girls I never met!


Nimrodess/Joanna Rainbow Page 08/Jun/2000:18:28:51
Hey Tinkerz,
Mwah, lubs the colours and bubbles and all the fairys I feel like I am
in a dreamland. Wooo Hooo! Hmmmm. Anyway lubs ya lots, Me XxX

tinkerbell8146 07/Jun/2000:21:44:42
this is a cool home page claire. brilliant profile pic, great effects
on your pic too. Nice one


JEZ 05/Jun/2000:22:10:07
Helloooooooooo......only me again...thanx for the ST link hunny.
Luuurvely wavs!

Beaut Ya don't wanna know..................... lol 04/Jun/2000:23:23:49
This is really good Claire...... It makes me really jealous cos I am
too lazy to do my own...... Well..... I did bits of mine...... teeheee
Keep up the good work... :o)

Memnoch got a briefcase but can't remember addy 04/Jun/2000:21:44:19
Nice site babes, am impressed and spend all my time clapping to keep
the fairies alive.
Lots of love, snuggles, kisses, gropes and shagging.

just_mandy_uk 04/Jun/2000:21:39:38
you done a bloody good job its brill :o) so are you :o)

PAAAAAAAAAAANTS!!!!! hmmm.... dont 'ave one yet 04/Jun/2000:20:29:00

Just luuuuuurve the page hunny. Like the fancypants piccy on the front
page. Maybe on day I'll actually do a homiepage meself! (If I can
figure out what the hell Im doin!)

Luv Ya,
P.S. Ta fer givin me a mention.

Eags Burlson Pugs 04/Jun/2000:12:58:33
Hiya Tinks, great page, love the tinkerbells everywhere, come and visit
mine soon...............bye bye Eags

Jason (pervy) 04/Jun/2000:10:48:34
Hiya tinkeepops, groovy site with lots of ickle bubblezs, will pop back
soon as long as you link stops crashing me puter ;o)

dave 04/Jun/2000:10:14:20
is this were i type?

JEZ 03/Jun/2000:22:06:57
Claire!!!! Frankly i'm gutted at being a mere fifth on yer list of
emates! My local MP has been sent a letter of complaint. Now i would
just like to mention some possible improvements: 1-change the address
to www.cotton.com (trips off the tongue and is very witty indeed) 2-
change that line at the top about fairies dying to; "every time Claire
says "I hate Bagpuss", a little animated mouse heaves its last heave!"
and 3-GIMME A STAR TREK LINK! but, seriously i think you're really
clever..it's a lovely site and proves that you really are
omnipresent! "They say my love for you's not real.But they dont know
how real it feels. All I want to do is to spend some time with you so I
can hold you, hold you......."

impulse_uk http://www.geocities.com/impulse_uk 03/Jun/2000:21:05:23
Great site tinks love the background !!

Happy soon!!! 03/Jun/2000:20:42:09
Heya Tinks,

Great site, spose i will have to forgive ya even tho me name aint on
the list, hehe keep up the good work!!

Happy :o)

(_|_)™ stuff 03/Jun/2000:20:38:27
I don't say much really...erm cool page...glad you got the guestbook
running ....cya

The Kid ...Wouldn't wanna be ya 03/Jun/2000:20:18:42
I am the best looking bloke on chat.

Annette (tikka) 03/Jun/2000:20:12:22
Great page. I want one! Will definately be back cos I bookmarked it!
Take care.....Annette...xxx

SATAN!!!! (AKA.. Mar Bass Tablatures 03/Jun/2000:19:58:31
Hey up Tinkerbabe...nice one claire, told ya it was ok for a first
timer (the web page am talking about) EG...anyways, i hope to get
mine up and running after all the work i've doing for unsigned bands
web pages...right, think thats all i got to say mmmmm NICE WEBPAGE!!!!!!
after ya been pushing me to sign ya guestbook...i thought i'd sign
it...hope you sign mine when i get my dam website up and running

all the best in future webpage building


B2 and da bump 03/Jun/2000:19:24:46
Hi ya Tinks, Great page... its "brilliant" ... keep up the good
work... cya ... Luv B2 and da bump!

Gavin (slasher) dunno yet 03/Jun/2000:19:23:19
Afternoon or atleast it is some where nice little site ur developeing
here tinks i particularley liked the contortionists home page some
scarey shit going off there n e way have fun and keep up the good work


Prada 03/Jun/2000:19:02:35
Tinkers... Love the site and I will keep coming back to see how its
getting on!!!!
Love having a nose in the guest book... good to see so many UK1'ers
there as well...
Love Prada xx

Megastiff 03/Jun/2000:19:02:30
Ello Claire (and everyone else reading this :o).Nice page !!! need i
say more.......yes...ok then, must congratulate you loads and i
especially enjoyed the bit about knackering the hampsters.... i thought
those burgers tasted a bit strange !!!!!! ah well the joys of open air
barbeques.....titter. Look foreward to yer next addition, luv,
Megastiff™ ;o)

Prada 03/Jun/2000:18:59:29

Tinker... the magic certainly worked for me...
Great site and I can't wait to see it being developed. I will keep
coming back and seeing more of it!!! (I also like reading the guest
book as I'm smoking a cigarette...)

Loads of Love
Prada x

totallyfrozen 03/Jun/2000:18:59:11
Sending you mega props from The Yank!
Hey! very cool! it's about damn time you had your shining star on
the 'Net for all to see!
You did manage to melt my 'cicle, though....I am stunned that you could
possibly forget my name in your list (GASP! Perish the thought!). What
happened? Brain freeze? I get that alot myself.
No hard feelings though...and I will be sending you your next shipment
of rodent slaves for you power wheel just as soon as I catch them all
from under my kitchen sink!
By the way, I should be sending you a copy of one of the songs we have
made, shortly.
Also, I may possibly end up playing keyboards in a Retro band being put
together in town here...imagine that! Playing synthesizers in an 80's
band!!! Well then, the whole show would be about me then wouldn't it!

Love your page!

I have a page too...but I couldn't possibly send you a link...my page
is very boring.


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